News, 07.08.2017

The finest among all coffee liqueurs

A powerful coffee flavour with a delicate hint of vanilla and a sweet trace of chocolate – all of these blend together to make Tia Maria. Vetropack’s Italian plant in Trezzano is responsible for manufacturing the cuvée glass bottles for the coffee liqueur of ILLVA SARONNO.

Tia Maria has its roots in Jamaica, where it has been made to a secret recipe for over 300 years. ILLVA SARONNO distributes it in over 60 countries. The sweet coffee liqueur combines 100 per cent Arabica finest coffee with a hint of vanilla and Jamaican rum and can be drunk neat or mixed. It’s ideal for coffee based cocktails. Tia Maria lends an intense coffee flavour to any drink, coupled with a subtle note of chocolate, pipe tobacco and the gentle aroma of caramelised cane sugar and vanilla.

The new design for the cuvée bottle packs a powerful yet graceful punch. The screw cap gives way to a long neck, followed by rounded shoulders that form the distinctive outline and taper off at the base. Vetropack Italia is responsible for manufacturing the bottles for the coffee liqueur. Tia Maria lovers can choose between the different bottle sizes, with 0.35, 0.375, 0.7, 0.75, 1, 1.4 or 1.5 litres on offer.