News, 27.02.2017

The star of Prague

Staropramen beer from the Czech Republic has a brand-new look. The glass bottles made by Vetropack Straža boast a simple design and a luminous green colour.

Staropramen has been an established presence since 1869, and not just on the Czech beer scene. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just having a casual drink with friends – this beer is a welcome guest. People enjoy it when chatting amongst themselves and talking about their experiences. And when there’s nothing left to say, Staropramen’s new packaging is yet another thing to discuss at the table.

The revamped design is captivating at first glance. The green glass bottle with a crown cork cap, which is produced by Vetropack’s plant in Croatia, fits perfectly into your hand. It is inspired by Prague’s distinctive zest for life. It’s hard to resist the beer’s enticing golden-yellow colour and delicate froth.

The beer bottles are available in volumes of 0.5 and 0.33 litres. They are manufactured using the press and blow process and are offered as multi-trip bottles. The glass specialists at Vetropack Straža had quite a challenge designing the simple shape of the body of the bottle, as the bottles had to be adapted to fit into pre-existing beer crates.