News, 14.03.2016

Trendy beer

The Wieselburg brewery based in Lower Austria is now brewing Desperados beer. Vetropack Austria is producing the 0.33 litre bottles used to package this trendy tequila-flavoured lager.

The Lower Austrian brewery Wieselburg has recently started brewing Desperados beer, a popular brand belonging to the international Heineken Group. Since Vetropack has strong local roots in this area, it makes sense to source the glass bottles for this beer in Austria itself. Vetropack Austria has therefore been supplying Wieselburg with 0.33 litre bottles since August 2015. The design of these flint glass bottles – with a crown cork mouth, an elongated neck and body and tactile lettering – is easily recognisable, especially amongst beer brands.

Desperados appeals to younger generations, so the focus is on live events such as party promotions, campaigns in clubs and discos and sponsorship of well-known festivals. The aim is to promote Desperados as a wild and super-trendy brand.