News, 06.12.2019

Vetropack Austria: honoured for our training concept

Pöchlarn, November 2019 - On 6 November 2019, the Vetropack Austria plants in Pöchlarn and Kremsmünster were awarded ‒ for the second time ‒ the 'i n e o' certificate of Upper Austria, a seal of approval given by the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce to businesses that exhibit exemplary commitment to the training of apprentices.

The acronym 'i n e o' represents the first letters of the German words for innovation, sustainability, commitment and orientation. Hence, any business that can boast an 'i n e o' award is ideal for young people looking to be trained in a particular profession and such certification might determine where they choose to complete an apprenticeship.

Vetropack Austria places considerable emphasis on the quality of training it provides to its future specialist employees. Two years ago, a new apprenticeship in 'glass technology' was launched, marking a milestone in the development of Austrian vocational education in the glass industry. The Pöchlarn and Kremsmünster plants each accept up to eight new apprentices every year. There are currently 29 young people in training at Vetropack Austria.

Working in collaboration with Jürgen Pöcklhofer and Edmund Meisinger, Johannes Schuster acts as main apprentice trainer and ensures that the trainees in Pöchlarn and Kremsmünster have the best possible start in their new careers. Training in the apprenticeship workshop and the training centre is both practice-orientated and theoretical and part of their typical working day.

'On completion of their training, our apprentices are experts in the fields of engineering and automation technology and, more recently, also in the field of glass processing techniques. The current know-how available in the glass industry is remarkable, providing considerable potential for the future. I consider it particularly important to provide individual supervision to each of our trainees. After all, what we are doing is helping these young people find their feet in their future profession,' explains Johannes Schuster with conviction.

For more information, please contact:

Johannes Schuster
Vetropack Austria GmbH
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