News, 02.05.2016

White wine from Italy

The family-owned company Sartarelli bottles its white wines in cuvée-coloured glass bottles from Vetropack Italia. The grapes for these wines are grown in the winery’s oldest vineyards.

The “Vinicola Sartarelli” estate has long made environmentally friendly cultivation a high priority, in order to protect both its grounds and the landscape. The vines grow at 350 metres above sea level and cover an area of more than 55 hectares. The glass bottles in the “cuvée” colour for white wines are produced by Vetropack Italia. They are classic Renana bottles which originated in Alsace. The glass specialists have further enhanced the elegant, minimalistic design with an engraved “S” on the shoulder.

The wine comes in 0.75 litre bottles and in three different versions: Tralivio is slightly sweet, Classico is characterised by a hint of bitterness reminiscent of almonds in the finish, while the stunning Balciana has the fresh aroma of citrus fruits.